Only the animals are ready to be with us up to the very end.
But certain ones do not understand this
and that’s why the dogs and cats find themselves in the streets.


ZOOshans (Means - Chanсe) for each left animal. 

The statistics is sorrow  and severe. Last year 4334 homeless animals were  captured. 2552 cats and dogs could return out of “nonexistence” and found new owners. The agonizing death threaten to the rest ones due to injuries and diseases or putting them to sleep. Now, while you are reading these lines many animals are not with us already.

The  ZOOshans Public Community organizers, volunteers of the organization and also those to whom  the future life of our four-footed friends just is not indifferent, considered the priority aim of their activity to support them who now arethe most  unprotected in front of the realities of the external world- the homeless animals – once  thrown away or lost by chance, neglected from the birth and become wild due to some  circumstances.  

But does the work carry out only with animals (cats, dogs) transferred as the gift, undergoing  a treatment under our supervising, receiving, with our assistance, home and food?

Certainly’ not.  “This world is such as we had created it” – said somebody of the great ones. And that’s why the second main purpose of  ZOOshans Public Community  is the work with peoples with the aim is to form for population the humane and respectable relations to small residents of the  wildlife, to natural environment in the whole

By what means ZOOshans Public Community tries to attain its aims?

We try to attract the public opinion to the problems of the homeless (neglected) animals. Our community tries to attain in every possible ways to reduce the number of homeless animals with the exclusively human methods, by mean of sterilization and transfer the dogs and cats to good people as the gifts. 

The facts of the brutal treatment with the animals are brought by us to wide audience.  Quite often not only adults, but the children are severe relative to the animals. That’s why we initiated an introduction the lessons on ethical relations relative to our least brothers into common educational program of educational institutions and preschool establishments. 

In Republic of Belarus there is no any law to protect the animal’s rights, and the criminal responsibility for brutal treatment appeared literally yesterday only. We undertake all measures for preparation of norm-legal acts, which would protect the alive creatures of the nature, assist to improvement of the legislation in the field of protection of our four-footed friends. Trying to attract the attention to the existing problem we become the organizers and participants of some show and competitions, exhibitions and different types of actions. We do our best to help not only to get the home, food, necessary veterinary aid for thrown out animals, but to poor peoples, old–aged citizens taking the responsibility to support them. 

ZOOshans Public Community organizers and volunteers consider that an animal has right for reasonable relation including that sorrow moment when its earth life is over. It is because we fight for creation of the home animals cemetery. The practice of dogs and cats civilized burial is accepted in majority of the Europe countries.

Our aims are absolute transparent. All tasks are understandable.  May be they find the response in the hearts of those who now are reading these lines? I would like to remind once more that our under keeping animals will be appreciated even for that support, which can seem to You insignificant.  Call us or write letters!