Only the animals are ready to be with us up to the very end.
But certain ones do not understand this and that’s why the dogs and cats find themselves in the streets.


ZOOshans  - a chanсe for each abandoned animal.

The statistics are devastating: 4334 stray animals were captured in Minsk in 2015 by state services. For 2552 cats and dogs new homes could be found with the help of volunteers of ZOOshans and other non-profit organizations. The remaining animals perished due to diseases or injuries or were put to sleep in the state center for collecting strays.

ZOOshans unites volunteers who are not indifferent to the situation of our four-footed friends that have been abandoned, lost, neglected or abused. We focus on providing help to cats and dogs with the main goal of entrusting them to responsible owners in a good health condition. For this purpose we train new volunteers, inform the wider public on animal welfare and responsible ownership and lobby for animal protection regulations.


Activities and strategies of ZOOshans

We try to educate the public with regard to homeless and neglected animals. Our team puts up information booths, participates in TV programs, provides articles and runs a forum for sharing individual animal´s stories.  We strive to reduce the number of stray animals by getting them off the streets. Registered, treated neutered – cats and dogs are handed over to new owners who are supervised and granted assistance in the beginning if necessary.  We support old-age or poor citizens and animal hoarders who cannot take proper care of their pets.

Cases of cruelty towards animals is brought to public attention by us. Often, children inflict injuries on animals, not knowing how to properly deals with them. Because of this, we engage in introducing lessons on ethical relations towards animals in educational programs in schools and pre-schools.

In the Republic of Belarus there is not yet a law protecting companion animals´ rights. The first ever law on criminal liability for brutal treatment of animals in Belarus has just recently been issued. We strongly support all measures promoting legal acts, which aim at protecting animals and nature.

ZOOshans strives for the construction of a cemetery for pets as practiced in most European countries to end the practice of non-formal burying and provide a place for mourning.

Our activities are transparent and open to all. We appreciate your support – be it time spent or money donated. Also small contributions make a difference. Let´s change things step by step together. Get in touch.