People who are not indifferent towards the fate of abandoned, mistreated or injured cats and dogs and would like to participate in volunteer work in order to improve the situation of stray animals in our country might seek contact to non-profit and non-governmental organization ZOOshans.


Olga Aleksandrovna Karpova, chairwoman of ZOOshans 



Welcome on our website to all those who care about the fate of the most vulnerable creatures - animals, which have lost their home or never had one.  

Doing good does not as a profession. You don’t learn it in schools and universities. It is an impulse to not let things go as they do but to make a difference there where you can. As for my professional background, I am a civil engineer. I graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University and have worked since then in the field of designing and inspecting bridges.

The love of animals has accompanied me through live. Opposite to the common cliché about animal welfare activists I am a family person as well.

Animal rights are widely ignored and not a popular topic in our country. Many people do not respect the right of animals to life and health and security. We are striving for both, improving animals living conditions and lobbying for progressive and comprehensive animal welfare legislation.

The team of ZOOshans is represented furthermore by the following board members:

  • Mrs. Kozhuro Olga Vladimirovna, deputy of ZOOshans Charity Public Community
  • Mrs. Prigojonok Olga Viktorovna,ZOOshans Charity Public Community accountant.
  • Mrs. Shibut Maria Valerievna, secretary of ZOOshans Charity Public Community.
  • Mrs. Shved Olga Georgievna.
  • Mrs. Fedosenko Ksenia Vladimirovna.
  • Mrs. Litvinok Natalia Igorevna.

Our ZOOshans team and friends and supporters work hard to improve the dire situation of animal welfare in Belarus. At this time we can rely on more than one hundred active volunteers. In addition to that about 1000 persons support us in a wide range of ways – donations, driving services, promotion, IT work etc. In a country with a population of about 10 million this represents only 0,0001% of its people. However, these 1000 persons do a lot to make a difference.  


ZOOshans volunteers


Despite the fact that most of our volunteers are young persons, our organization unites activists from 13 to 85 years of age. They come from all ways of life, from all professional backgrounds. Our volunteers take in or arrange for shelter, care and treatment for cats and dogs in need, offer driving services to vets, raise money or represent the organization at public events. Many of them find time outside work and family to engage in human and animal welfare. They come from various social and economic backgrounds. But all share the same important belief – not to be indifferent.

Members and friends of ZOOshans contribute to the common goal what they individually are able to. There are no obligatory jobs or duties. We strongly believe in volunteerism and the simple but incontestable truth: Our joined efforts have helped already and will help us in future to save animals’ lives.

Perhaps, you have the wish and possibility to take in a charming dog or cat and make their live a bit happier?  The gratefulness of your new four-footed friend will be as rewarding as the feeling to have done the right thing. ZOOshans will support you in this. We are looking forward to meeting you.