"One who will stay under good tree will be shielded with good shade"
Miguel de Servants


How the idea to create the good was born?

The idea to create the community to help to our little brothers arose many years ago. ZOOshans Public Community to help to the homeless animals, whose promoters became Mrs. Ilona and Ijena Kwashins, was registered by the Main Justice Authority of the Minsk Executive Committee on April 15, 2010 year. Now present Community chairwoman Mrs. Olga Karpova entered in authority on May 1 2013 year.

In accordance with its Statute the ZOOshans Public Community is the juridical person, acting in accordance with the actual normative-law acts and the Community Statute. Our territory of activity covers the Minsk city and Minsk region.


ZOOshans is the voluntary self-governing citizen association, functioning on the base of common interests for joint realization of citizen, social, culture and other rights also. 

In according with the law in force, ZOOshans Public Community, as the community, which aim is the exclusively charity, has no rights for profit, to draw commercial profits from its activity. That’s why the dogs or kittens or the other animals, transferred to people good hands - are as gift and just anyhow.

Our activity is carried out exclusively on the base of the donations of those who does not indifferent to the problem of protection of animal’s interests and rights to live.


Within the nearest time the “Reports” section will appear in our site, where an information about the purpose expenditures of the funds, received at our organization account will be placed. The main vector of the charity - is the treatment of animas, lost the owners or have not them, became ill and required in medical aids. So, in year 2010 we spent for treatment of our affiliated ones of  3 422 000 rubles was spent, in year 2011 this value was of 12 066 550 rubles and in year 2013 the expenditures for  cats and dogs treatment exceeded of 16 million rubles.

ZOOshans Public Community is an organizer of the “Give me pad” charity actions, in the course of which the handmade specialists offered to an auditorium the handmade articles.  The money for realization of these sympathetic and lovely things are directed for assistance to the cats and dogs.  We carry out the charity auctions and exhibitions.

The charity of ZOOshans Public Community it is not only thousands of cats and dogs, given to the people as the gifts, these people care about them now. It is:

  • persistent educational activity on reducing the tensions in relations between people and animals, 
  • assistance in improving the sanitary culture of the animals keeping,
  • participation in development of the “Protection of Animals” law draft of the Republic of Belarus, 
  • close intricate work with mass information media which result was arising the numerous  materials like as “Homeless animals in the city”, “Volunteers and  volunteers movement”, “Arranging the homeless animals in the families”, “What to if  an animal is lost”, “Spontaneous house shelters”

And a lot of the others!