We are believe in the future!

Charitable ogranization "ZOOshans" helps homeless animals providing health care and searching a new home for them. We are always happy for any help!

Our team

Only the animals are ready to be with us up to the very end.
But certain ones do not understand this and that’s why the dogs and cats find themselves in the streets.

Thanks to those who support us..

ZOOshans for each left animal!

The statistics is sorrow and severe. Last year 4334 homeless animals were captured. 2552 cats and dogs could return out of “nonexistence” and found new owners. The agonizing death threaten to the rest ones due to injuries and diseases or putting them to sleep. Now, while you are reading these lines many animals are not with us already.

The ZOOSHANS Public Community organizers, volunteers of the organization and also those to whom the future life of our four-footed friends just is not indifferent, considered the priority aim of their activity to support them who now arethe most unprotected in front of the realities of the external world- the homeless animals – once thrown away or lost by chance, neglected from the birth and become wild due to some circumstances.

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